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Pleasing Loft Kitchen Docore Ideas

July 29, 2022 0 Comments

For most city dwellers, Loft apartments are a dream come true. A Loft is usually an attic unit structured as a huge open space. There is no border between the living room and the dining room, and it is also common not to have a separation between the bedroom and the living room.
There are 521 offers with Loft possibilities among the 3,500 cities in America with housing offers. The largest number of Loft apartments in the United States is in Pasadena, California, where 66.67% of properties have Loft floor plans. These areas are often low-rise and have a compact design, so it can be difficult to make room for a fully equipped kitchen. But if executed correctly, a Loft kitchen can be one of the most beautiful and functional kitchen designs for homes with Loft spaces. Here, the architectural designs explore some trendy kitchen ideas for Lofts that spice things up and make a statement.

Loft-wooden kitchen

A fully wooden kitchen would be perfect for Loft apartments with wooden beams and roof frames. Wood is one of the most classic materials for interior design, which is still used today. Research shows that the wood kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry in the United States will reach a billion by 2024. It has become a timeless favorite, especially among modern homeowners who prefer natural designs. Wooden cabinets and low-rise cabinets are more suitable for loft kitchens, as they are compact. Quartz or Granite countertops best complement the look. The wooden beams above the countertop are perfect for hanging cutlery while saving space. If there is enough space, the owners can add a small breakfast counter with a wooden table and stools to improve the appearance.

Industrial kitchen

Due to the distinctive beams and channels near the roof, attics and attics sometimes resemble a warehouse. The implementation of an industrial theme for the Loft kitchen is a more ingenious Option than a complete renovation of your cooking space. Dark wood cabinets like black wood are ideal for an industrial Loft Kitchen design; antique cabinet handles give the room a retro-industrial feel. Polished Granite countertops are most suitable for the subject. Granite has not only been the first choice of homeowners over the past decade, but 64% of new homes have this type of material.

Fully white Loft kitchen

Even though maintenance may seem difficult, white kitchens are perfect for any Loft, as they make the most of the limited space. A white color scheme also makes the room look larger and more spacious. In addition, over the past five years, from 2018 to 2021, white has been successively the most popular kitchen cabinet color for American citizens. In addition, modular kitchen cabinet systems make the most of the Loft space; modular white laminate kitchen cabinets with built-in microwaves create tons of counter space.
Speaking of countertops, black Granite is the perfect contrast to all-white kitchens. A simple Dado tile or an unpretentious wallpaper back panel will give the appearance. The rest of the kitchen can be best accentuated with a modest white wooden dining table.

Rustic Loft kitchen in the English style

Another attractive design proposal to spice up a Loft kitchen is the combination of two different kitchen designs. For example, an English kitchen looks spectacular when combined with a rustic style. Owners can use sophisticated designs of English-style wooden furniture for kitchen cabinets and dining table. The rest of the room can have more rustic elements such as brick walls, wooden floors and rough stone countertops. With upholstered dining chairs and a wooden dining table, homeowners can use wooden facing patterns for their kitchen cabinets. To get a more rustic look, you can install wooden beams on the ceiling.

Minimalist natural Loft kitchen

Homeowners can build a beautiful minimalist natural kitchen loft design if their Loft spaces have wooden floors. White laminated countertops, cabinets and a light wood surface on the countertop complete the wooden floor. White laminate cabinets give the room a bright and lively feel, while wooden pieces give it a more natural feel. Designers can achieve a minimalist look by keeping things simple and clean. For example, modular cabinets without a handle save a lot of space without compromising the design. Another clever space-saving tip is to install a modern pantry garage with high microwave ovens and built-in ovens in the minimalist Loft kitchen to store heavy appliances and rations behind the cabinets.

Biophilic Loft Kitchen Design

If there are windows in the attic, it usually receives a lot of light. Designers can take advantage of this natural light by building a biophilic Loft Kitchen design. The combination of thin wooden laminate countertops with wooden cabinets complements the simple attic and wooden ceiling. Hanging planters and indoor plants can give the attic biophilic design features. For a more natural aesthetic, marble countertops can be used. An open wooden shelf is a perfect complement to the presentation of plants. For such a room, a white color scheme with accents of natural green is ideal.

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