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Home Decoration Ideas Inspired by 80s

August 11, 2022 0 Comments

From fashion to furniture, the looks of the 80s are making a comeback! With the resurgence of microtrends like “Y2K”, it is inevitable that at some point other decades will appear among the trendsetters. Now we see influences from the 80s around us, so why has this decade specifically returned to fashion and how exactly can you integrate the look into your home and personal look?

The 80s are”back”

the style of the 80s, unfortunately, is often synonymous with bad taste – think of loud flashy colors and migraine-inducing patterns. With the 80s at the center of the themes of many parties and costume events, it seems that the fashion of the decade has endured enough ridicule to prevent it from ever making a comeback. Despite a dubious style, the 80s were famous for the awakening of creativity and innovative power not only among designers but also among ordinary people. Without this urge for individuality and the pleasure of experimenting, today we could have very boring fashion and interior designers.

After nearly two years of recent times-related restrictions, which led to a return to trends similar to minimalism and a preference for neutral colors, easing restrictions could cause individuals to rebel against precisely these trends in the true style of the 80s. Fashion historian Laura McLaws Helms explains that looking back at movies and other media of the 80s gives us a certain excitement because of the avant-garde, glamorous and entertaining representation of the decade. This is in stark contrast to what we have experienced in the last two years, so the desire for a renaissance of the decade has increased sharply.

Different ways to bring the 80s-inspired look into your home

You may find that dressing up as in the 80s is a step too far, but creating an 80s-inspired decor in your home is trendy and can be done in a subtle way with the highlights of the decades!

One of the most famous looks of the 80s was Memphis Design, a Milan-based design group characterized by bold shapes, bright colors, and no-nonsense lines. This look is easy to recreate with all types of furniture, as it is simple and is likely to be readily available in a number of stores. It’s up to you how you use that inspiration. You can go all Memphis or incorporate elements to create a minimalist 80s look.

Another feature of the 80s decor was the close connection with nature. These include tropical prints, plants, natural materials, and floral bedding due to the revival of the then “shabby chic”. Now you can try to integrate these elements with a 21st-century twist. For example, you can consider a set of tubular and rattan furniture in brighter and trendy colors.

After all, and who can forget about the art Deco design movement? A great way to incorporate this iconic look into your home can be through an acrylic chair or table, or simply by adding geometric studs to your dresser.

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