Decorating Tips for Spare Bedrooms

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Decorating Tips for Spare Bedrooms

July 18, 2022 0 Comments

Decorating a guest room can be a strange task, most of the rooms in your house have a clear use and you can get around this if you decorate a room like your living room you know what you are going to do in that room and can decorate around it. Having your guest room as a mixed-use space can make things difficult, as you need to find a balance to properly arrange the space for guests to sleep, but also to meet your needs for the other uses of the room.

Segment The Space

The first thing you want to do with your spare room is to segment it by activity so that you have a defined space for each use of the space. This will help you plan The space efficiently so that you don’t need too much floor space for an activity.

For example, if you use your guest room for exercise, work at home and as a guest room, you will dedicate an area to the sleeping area against a wall, place a small desk to work on the wall perpendicular to the sleeping area, then you will have a clear training area in the center of the room where you can safely train.

Choose a sofa bed

When choosing a bed for the sleeping area of your spare bedroom, it is often much wiser to opt for a sofa bed than for a real bed. With a folding or folding sofa bed, it takes up less space in the sofa configuration, which gives you more space for other things.

Of course, the possibility of having a sofa bed in your room also gives you the possibility of using a sofa in the room, which allows you to use the room as a secondary living room/living room if no guest sleeps on the sofa bed.

Versatile accessories

In a multipurpose room, versatile accessories are a must if you want to use the space efficiently. Even with versatile objects, planning the room will be much easier. For example, if you have a desk in the room, you can get a desk that serves as a storage space, or if you have a Lamp on your desk, you get one that can also be used as a reading lamp for the bed.

In addition to using versatile items to save space, you can also buy items that help make the room a good environment, such as double blinds, which have a darkening layer used when a guest is sleeping, or a darkening layer that can be used during the day to maintain the light in the room.

Wall mounting if possible

We have already mentioned that useful space in multipurpose rooms is scarce, so it makes sense that wall mounting objects is a good choice if possible to use the space efficiently. With objects that occupy the walls instead of taking up space, you should always have a good level of utility out of the room without sacrificing space.

You can put a lot of things on your walls, of course, you can make simple decisions, such as hanging a TV or opting for shelves instead of standing cabinets, but you can also be more creative with your space, for example: mount a folding desk on the wall, which means that it will not take up space when not in use.

Use Layers Of Light

Light is extremely important in multipurpose rooms and, depending on what you use, you have different lighting needs. When you work at home, you want a lot of light to stay awake and focused, if you use the room as a film room, you want the room to be darker but with a little light and if it is used as a bedroom, you want a minimum of light.

By using different lighting devices such as ceiling lights, lamps, LED strips and daylight, you can prepare light layers for different applications. This ensures that you can always illuminate your room at an appropriate Level by turning on more lights to make the room brighter and using only smaller lights if you want the room to be darker. By following these tips, you should be heading towards your own perfect multi-purpose space in your home, which makes effective use of space in a way that makes the space feel open and large. To set everything up correctly, there will be trial and error when you find out what works for you and your room, but with a little crafting, you will finally have a beautifully decorated multipurpose room.

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