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Crystal Promote Positive Energy at Home

August 4, 2022 0 Comments

According to the holistic Healing community, crystals are powerful transmitters of energy. Although the real powers of crystals are not scientifically proven, their use in your home can promote positive energy. It is believed that each crystal has meta-body properties that can affect the flow of energy in a room and the human body for better well-being.

Crystals act as a reservoir of energy and have the ability to channel this energy, as crystal gurus say. They can also cause a Placebo effect on the body, which allows you to feel more positive and relaxed. They are also stylish and fashionable, so rest assured that the Aura of your home will receive a fantastic upgrade. In this List, you will discover the many ways in which crystal decor can fill your home with good energy.

How does the crystal decor work

Depending on the type of crystal and the interaction with other crystals in a given room, you can explore interesting ways to display your crystal decor. These factors can stimulate the energies of space. And as mentioned earlier, crystals can store powerful energy, which means that they can channel different energy flows. Each crystal harbors a unique force and vibration that can create different atmospheres.

You can use this energy in different areas of your home to promote good vibrations. Crystal decor can also act as a magnet that absorbs negative energy. To counteract this, they put different crystal decorations for aesthetics and to bring more positive energy. But how do you know which crystals to use where? The following list will show you which crystals are best suited for each room in the house.

Relieve stress in the living room

If you want to raise the mood in your living room, there are a few crystals that you can use. It is known that the properties of Amethyst have a calming effect on soothing anxiety and stress. It is also known to free a place from negative vibrations. But be careful where you place them.

Amethysts are sensitive to direct sunlight, so don’t place them on your window sills or leave them outside for too long. Instead, you can put amethyst crystals on a shelf in the living room. Or you can put it on a coffee table in the middle of the room, where you know there is a lot of foot traffic. Some living room decors, such as lamps and vases, are even infused into your body with amethyst and allow you to customize your favorite style.

Promote romantic feelings in the bedroom

The stone of love, rose quartz, is known for its romantic properties. In addition to the Manifestation of unconditional love, it intensifies romantic energy. Putting rose quartz on your bedside table is a great way to promote a beautiful atmosphere, whether for yourself or with a partner. In Feng Shui, crystal gurus advise placing rose quartz on the right side of the room, which is considered a love corner of the room. You can buy love quartz drum stones and place them near your bedroom sideboard for romantic energy.

Promote a good mood in the kitchen and dining room

The kitchen and the dining room are very social spaces in the house and full of activity. You can use a feldspar stitch in the kitchen to promote well-being, health and creative thinking. Due to its cleansing properties, calcite can also strengthen the immune system. If you are unsure of your cooking skills before a big meal, placing a carnelian in the kitchen can boost your self-confidence. Raw green opal decorations are also a great way to promote healthy eating habits and cleanse the body.

Combining energies in the bathroom

Due to its versatility, you can put quartz crystals in the bathroom to promote cleanliness and clarity of thoughts and create a nourishing environment. Clear quartz also works very well with Jade when cleaning an area. However, be sure not to immerse the Jade under water. To start the day off right, place crystal decorations on the bathroom counter or on the sides of the bathtub to create a relaxed environment.

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